DESERT DWELL | 65 Images
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There is a thing that happens in quiet places. In places of openness and solitude. Its a coming together of the essence of the inhabitants and the spirit of place. Plant with rock, rock with sky, sky with mountain. These inhabitants speak to each other without words and at their core is the spirit of the other. In the rock you see the mountain in the mountain you see the sky. This speaks to the relationships of everything, the interconnectedness of all things.

The Anza-Borrego Desert is one of these places. A place large and open but with hidden washes and canyons. A place where rock is slowly revealed by rain and mountains reach up to the the clouds that mimic them. The ever but slowly changing landscape is a place of unity, cohesion, beauty, mystery and fate. These photographs are the instruments through which this is discovered.
My hope is that DESERT DWELL reveals to the viewer the idea that our earth's personality and spirit is as real as our own. And that the sacred places in our planet are anywhere one decides to acknowledge that reality
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