I make photographs of ordinary things at extraordinary moments.

In constructing a photograph I define and tether unassuming evanescent realities that hide in plain sight. The casual glance becomes an ethereal stopping point where the weights of scale and context elevate the ordinary and eternalize the extraordinary.

“Spirit stands still long enough for the photographer it has chosen.''

~Minor White


Technically, I'm a photographer, but no, I do not do weddings and I will not photograph your kids, although I might be convinced to photograph your dog, or your dog’s kids. I would most definitely photograph your dog's wedding.

Realistically, I am an artist whose medium is photography. My training was in all things traditional – film, darkroom, alternative processes. These are things I hold dear and try to honor in my work. Today my work is old school colliding with new school - scanned photographic film, analog lenses on modern cameras, composited images, sometimes, and digital pigment ink printing. I like to experiment with presentation, often foregoing traditional gallery framing. Using varnishes and resin in lieu of glass I create a more intimate experience for the viewer.

I received a Bachelor of Fine Art in photography with a minor in Printmaking from Shepherd College, now Shepherd University, in Shepherdstown, West Virginia in 1992. In 2006 I was juried into the world renowned Torpedo Factory Artists Association and became a resident artist at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, Virginia in 2007.

The overtaking of the art center by the arrogant and incompetent Alexandria City government, it is no longer conducive to free spirited art making or to artists who photograph outside the studio.

In 2022 I moved out of the Northern Virginia area and currently reside in Richmond Virginia’s up-and-coming and diverse Southside. In 2023 I joined Artspace, a non-profit community gallery in Richmond.